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Download the DuKo-app in the App Store or Play Store to receive student discounts on sustainable products! You can buy your subcription either online or offline.

Note: the DuKo-app is exclusively for students.

Android user?

You can find the app in the Google Play Store! Purchase a year long DuKo subcription for €2,50 via this website or in the app itself.

iPhone user?

Download the app in the App Store! Purchase a year long DuKo subcription for €2.50 via this website or for €3,49 via an in-app purchase (why does an in-app purchase cost more?).

Renew your subscribtion?

Is your subscribtion expiring? You can extend it for another year here.

Offline purchase: buy an activation code!

You can also purchase an activation code at our sales points to activate the app (€2,50 per year). You can enter this code once you've downloaded the app. They are available at the following sales points:


Organisations: Green Office Utrecht

Study associations: Storm, SGS, UBV, US Atlas, Djembé, U.S.S. Proton

Stores: Katoenfabriek

The Hague

Study associations: Fortuna

Check out the map for all the addresses.

Still have the DuKo-keychain?

Unfortunately these are no longer valid, so in order to use the DuKo-discounts you'll have to upgrade to the app. In September 2016 everybody subscribed to our newsletter received a free activation code to unlock the app. Do you own a keychain but you didn't receive an email? Please let us know at