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About DuKo

With DuKo students receive discounts on sustainable products. We believe that our consumption patterns can make the difference for a more sustainable world!

By providing discounts we introduce students to products that contribute to a better world: from clothing, to food & drinks, cosmetics, gifts, study materials and more. The discounts are available in Utrecht, Den Haag and online. Download our iOS & Android app for your DuKo-discount! 

Want to know more about DuKo? Find it in our FAQ.

Who are we?

DuKo is run non-profit by a group of passionate students. Our organisation consists of the overarching foundation Stichting DuKo Student and committees in the cities where we operate. 

We wish you great fun with DuKo and hope that you'll cross paths with many cool sustainable products and stores! 

Cheers, the board of Stichting DuKo Student:


Ratna Timmermans - Vice president | Marijn Polet - Treasurer | Keiko Chavers - President | Laurens Meershoek - Secretary

Thanks to

The DuKo-app was sponsored by Green Office Utrecht, Triodos Foundation, Utrechts Universiteitsfonds and the DIES Community for Development History (no longer operational). The app and website were developed by pixelrock and designed by Nynkek and Ratna Timmermans.