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DuKo is an initiative from the foundation DuKo Student. If you have questions check out our FAQ. Do you have another question (e.g. about the app or your subscription), tips, or would like to collaborate with us, then we would love to hear from you at!

The board of DuKo Student (Keiko, Ratna, Marijn & Laurens) will gladly help you out.


Specific questions about DuKo in Utrecht? Email DuKo-committee Utrecht at

Maxie, Laura, Malou and Heleen will gladly help you out.

Den Haag

Specific questions about DuKo in Den Haag? Email DuKo-committee Den Haag at 

Isa, Laura, Kelsey, Rahel and Daniëlle will gladly help you out. 

Nijmegen (under construction)

We are currently renewing our team and discounts in Nijmegen. We are aiming at renewed availability of the discounts in October 2018. For questions you can contact