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Bar en Zo

15% discount on all second hand items and plants with pot!

Sustainable because...

  • Sells vintage clothes, accessories and furniture 
  • Supports local small businesses by offering them a platform to sell their products on 
  • Offers fresh drinks and foods from local ingredients


Bar en Zo is a cozy and inspiring spot at Zeeheldenkwartier for good coffee, vintage lifestyle and local products. Go by to enjoy a hot cup of coffee - from local coffee roaster BOON - and the best cakes made from local ingredients. Discover the variety of interior elements such as ceramics and plants up for purchase. Bar en Zo also sells vintage clothing and shoes that have been carefully selected. They also sell the handiwork of several local producers at their shop, so you can support local small businesses through them! 



Prins Hendrikstraat 103, 2518 HM Den Haag