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Sustainable because...

  • All fashion labels at Goodfibration are produced with respect for humans, animals and the environment.
  • Next to sustainable textile production, many of the labels also make use of recycled materials and garments.
  • Goodfibrations sells rain proof clothing (great for festivals!) made of recycled plastic bottles, waxed organic cotton and old fishnets!


According to Marlous de Beer and Jos Cozijnsen, founders of the webstore Goodfibrations, responsible clothing needs to be more than a bamboo shirt decorated by a tree. This clothing must not only be produced sustainably, but it must also be fashionable. Just as responsible fashion icon Kate Hamnett said during an interview with Source: “There’s no place for the ‘Eco’ look. People don’t buy clothes out of pity – they buy clothes to look great. It has to be fashion and quality first, and incidentally sustainably made”. 

Goodfibrations definitely proves this point: sustainable clothing can be fashionable! Some of the available labels are AlternativeApparel, People Tree, Knowledge Cotton Apparel and Armedangels. Plenty of choice! For more information (and shopping) visit