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Urban Farmers

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Sustainable because...

● Urban Farmers produces its food locally, which results in less food miles and a smaller footprint on the earth 

● No pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics are used for their products 

● Urban Farmers has a high resource efficiency: the ingenious and closed loop aquaponics system can save up to 90% water & their production is less time-intensive compared to regular farming


Urban Farmers is an innovative urban agriculture company that has established several farms in Europe since 2011. In 2016, they opened a farm with 1200m2 of greenhouses on a roof in The Hague, where they produce 45 tons of vegetables a year.

Urban Farmers is a company with a mission, that strives for 20% of total food production to be produced in the city. Their products are fresh and local; healthy for you and for our earth. The idea behind growing food in cities is that people get closer to the process and better realize where their food comes from. Partly due to this, Urban Farmers is a place for education, research and innovation.

Urban Farmers currently has four urban farms in Europe, of which The Hague is the largest with 1200m² of greenhouses. Before Urban Farmers the building was empty and unused. This illustrates that urban farms can be the solution for empty buildings and improve the activity of the city.

For the food production, Urban Farmers uses the aquaponics method. This system circulates the nutrients and water, using these inputs as efficiently as possible. With aquaponics 90% is saved on water consumption. Furthermore, the vegetables are grown without soil and manure and no pesticides and antibiotics are used in the process. Also, the vegetables are made where people eat: in the middle of the city, which saves a lot of transport. 

How can you buy something from Urban Farmers? Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday they sell their fresh produce on their Rooftop Market. In addition to direct sales, they deliver to shops and restaurants in the neighborhood. As a result, less transport for the products is necessary which results in a smaller footprint on the earth.

Urban Farmers also organises 'rooftop' parties' and hosts meetings, but you can also just drop by at Urban Farmers to enjoy a bite or cup of coffee. This way you can enjoy both their freshly produced products and the amazing rooftop view of The Hague. Finally, Urban Farmers also offer tours around their building to show their special way of production. Want to learn more? Bring them a visit or check



Televisiestraat 2U, 2525 KD Den Haag