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DuKo is a non-profit initiative for students by students. With our app we'll be able to spread our message of more sustainable consumption to a much larger audience, but we're not there just yet. We have the amibition to introduce many more students to DuKo, and to set up DuKo in other Dutch student cities; donations can help us achieve this!

Are you excited about DuKo and would you like to help us take the next steps? We would be pleased to receive donations, ranging from small to big sums! You can transfer your donation to NL11 TRIO 0197 8981 73 for Stichting DuKo Student, citing 'donation Stichting DuKo Student - your name & email address'. We would love to hear your motivations for supporting DuKo, so please let us know by sending an email to We will keep you posted on what has become of your donation!

Would you rather have a chat with us before donating? Email your phone number to info@dukostudent, and we'll get in touch with you. Many thanks for your support and involvement!