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In this section you'll find DuKo's frequently asked questions. Do you have a different question? Email us at

About DuKo 

Why DuKo?

At DuKo, we believe that you can make a change for a sustainable world with your consumption behaviour! Our target group are students, as students start determining their consumption behaviour themselves for the first time. Through providing discounts students are introduced to beautiful and cool products and initiatives that bring the world closer to sustainability. Our end goal is to make sure you are aware of all of the sustainable alternatives and that you wouldn't want to have it any other way. We hope that you continue sustainable consumption behaviour after studentship and maybe even be an inspiration to others :)

For how long has DuKo been in operation?

DuKo was born in 2012. At the time we started up in Utrecht, with a keychain as the discount means. Since the summer of 2016 we introduced the DuKo-app!

What else does DuKo do about sustainability?

Besides providing sustainable discounts and all DuKo-employees trying to consume as sustainable as possible (with DuKo discount of course), we try to make our business operations as sustainable as possible: we are banking at Triodos Bank, we make use of environmentally friendly promotional materials (inter alia business cards made of Paperwise agricultural waste paper printed by Ecodrukkers), our web- and apphosting Antagonist makes use of green electricity and we always eat vegetarian or vegan meals during meetings!

I would like to help DuKo, do you need a hand?

We're always looking for students that are willing to give us a hand. If you would like to become DuKo ambassador or would like to occassionally help out at promotional activities, let us know at 

I would like to collaborate with DuKo; in what ways is this possible?

Nice! Some examples are: providing discounts as a store, financial support as a donor, co-hosting an event about sustainable consumption etc. We'd love to discuss your collaboration ideas with you. Can you email us at

About the DuKo-app

I still have the DuKo keychain/card, what now?

The keychain and card are no longer valid (the Utrecht keychains since november 2016 and the Nijmegen card since april 2017). To use the DuKo-discounts you can upgrade to the app!

Is the app also available for my Windows Phone, Blackberry, older versions of iPhone, Android, etc.?

Unfortunately not! The app is available for iOS 7.1 and app (suitable for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch) and Android 4.1 and up. 

I only use WiFi for internet on my phone. Can I still get my DuKo discount when I'm shopping?

If you are connected with WiFi there shouldn't be any issues with using the discounts in the app. However, if your phone is not connected with the internet the app will not work and you won't be able to receive the discount. Luckily, nowadays many stores have a guest network which you can log on to!

About your DuKo-subscription

How long is a subscription valid?

From the date of purchase, your subcription is valid for one year. Three weeks prior to the end date of your subcription we'll send you on e-mail so you can renew your subscription, so you can enjoy another year of DuKo-discounts!

I'm no longer a student, but I still have days left on my subscription. What to do now?

Unfortunately you cannot use the DuKo discounts anymore when you are no longer studying. If you wish to remove your account, you can do so by logging in here.