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New hotspot: SLA Breakfast Bar

24-10-2017 -

Natascha and Laurens tested the breakfast at the latest SLA addition in Utrecht!

Written by Natascha

We’ve got a very good reason for you to visit the renewed Hoog Catharijne: SLA opened her third Salad Bar in Utrecht and they too offer 10% DuKo-discount! You can enjoy your good old SLA salads there, but from 7:30AM till 11AM this SLA turns into a Breakfast Bar. Laurens and I heard this good news and visited SLA as soon as we could to try their breakfast menu!

Choosing from the menu was challenging, but once we ordered (with help from the friendly SLA lady) we went to sit on the terrace. It is a pretty and grand terrace in the Stadskamer, the area of Hoog Catharijne where different food shops are. When you enter Hoog Catharijne from Vredenburg, this is the first place you walk by. The terrace, but also the tables inside, provide a very comfortable place to sit down: it looks very beautiful and very SLA. There are also more than enough plugs, for the students amongst us that like to study with a good cup of coffee, a nice salad, or a delightful breakfast.

Vanilla Porridge

Berry Smoothiebowl

And they sure do have delightful breakfasts! After a long deliberation we chose the Vanilla Porridge and the Berry Smoothiebowl (we were supposed to share this so that we could taste both, but I secretely ate the Smoothiebowl all by myself). It looked as good as it tasted, and a big plus: it is superhealthy! Laurens' Vanilla Porridge was full of banana, raspberries, cinnamon, almond granola and coconut flakes. My Berry Smoothiebowl contained a yummy mix of banana, blueberries, nut butter and cinnamon-almond granola. 

Ofcourse the 10% DuKo discount also applies to this SLA. Our advice: check out this Breakfast Bar to taste these and the other yummy breakfasts (e.g. chia pudding, overnight choco oats & the (soya) yoghurt bowl)!

Want to know why SLA is sustainable? Please take a look here :).