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Christmas Holiday Tips

18-12-2017 -

In this blog we'll tip you on sustainable Christmas gifts, splashing holiday outfits and fun trips during your Christmas break, that you can all get with DuKo discount!

Written by Daniëlle and Rahel

Christmas is around the corner and what is the one thing we all spend money on (besides chocolate and christmas trees) during this time of the year? Exactly ... presents. But who wants to go out during these cold winter days and mingle around shops with hundreds of other people? We’ve got the solution for you: awesome webshops! Grab your laptop, a cup of hot chocolate and make yourself comfortable on your beloved couch, while browsing the web. And if you do want to go offline and enjoy the fresh winter air, we also have amazing tips for you.


Particularly for notebooks and journals,  On The Rocks offers all that your heart desires, and gives a 20% discount with the coupon code you can find in the DuKo-app. The Rockbooks are completely waterproof and the products are all made from rock waste and partly recycled plastic - can it get any better?

Well, another amazing option is Damn Good Soap Company, their handmade products only contain natural ingredients and are palm oil free. You can get 10% discount on all their goods, which are not only sustainable but also smell and look good, and are of high quality.

Do you want sustainable clothes for the holidays? Visit On this webshop with fairtrade women's clothing you will get 10% discount with DuKo, and you can check out their blog for Christmas outfit inspiration. For both ladies' and men's fashion you can also shop with 10% discount at


To buy a special and sustainable gift for someone, head over to Normal Gets You Nowhere in The Hague where they print organic and fairtrade t-shirts with (your own!) cool and quirky texts.

In the same neighborhood, the Zeeheldenkwartier, in the Hague, the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands is located. Would you like to visit Den Haag or is your family coming over for the holidays? You and them receive 10% DuKo discount on their online reservation at The Court Garden Hotel. The hotel is eco-designed and runs completely on green energy.

Are you in Utrecht? Pay a visit to De Moestuin: they have bees, a huge organic garden, cute animals, a store (10% DuKo-discount) and a lunch café with delicious cake. You read more about it in this blog by Nynke (Dutch).

In the heart of Utrecht you'll find the most fragrant gifts at BsaB at Oudkerkhof: from massage candles to aromatic sticks and natural deodorant (10% DuKo discount). For your sustainable party outfit you can continue on to the Zadelstraat, where the hospitables ladies at Nukuhiva (15% DuKo discount) will gladly help you out.

And if you want to have a nice dinner and prevent food waste, go to restaurant Instock in the Hague or in Utrecht, they use food surplus to cook delicious meals and in December they serve a special Christmas dinner.


We wish you happy holidays and a fabulous 2018!

The DuKo-team :) 

Keiko, Ratna, Marijn, Laurens, Isa, Daniëlle, Rahel, Kelsey, Laura, Julie, Heleen, Hanna & Nine