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Sustainability Challenge: week 2

09-01-2019 -

Hello DuKo subscribers,

We are four students @UtrechtUniversity and for the upcoming weeks we're working together with DuKo, for the course Socio-economic Processes, by accepting a Sustainability Challenge. This challenge consists of four mini-challenges and we are inviting you to join! This weeks challenge is all about... New Year's Resolution: the Eco-Friendly Laundry Golden 5! This challenge also includes a Seepje giveaway, so keep on reading!

Washing your clothes can be, without good consideration, a very unsustainable practice. Your washing habits can result in a lot of energy use (and waste!). Additionally, the amount of polluting substances you emit, directly and indirectly, can be enormous. The challenge of this week is the lightening of our/your washday load on the environment! We will give you five golden tips that will help you do your laundry in a more sustainable way. Here we go:

  1. Only do you laundry when it is really necessary! Try putting the washing machine as full as possible (but not too full). This helps reducing the amount of water needed per washing sequence. Wash your clothes on low temperatures (30 degrees should be fine), this helps lowering your energy bill and ofcourse the impact on nature. Tip: for your white laundry use Oxygen Bleach for an ultimate result. 
  2. If you need a new washing machine, purchase a sustainable one. You can recognize these energy saving devices by ther label A+++ and A++, with A+++ being the most sutainable.
  3. Throw away your dryer. Okay, maybe a bit radical, but use it wisely (read: as minimal as possible). Dryers consume huge amounts of energy and nearly haven't got any additional value. Just hang your clothes on a drying frame or something similar, be creative! You will use a lot less energy.
  4. Try using eco-friendly detergent, such as Seepje (with 10% DuKo discount). Many detergents contain nature polluting substances, but some (for example Seepje) do not. Seepje uses the Sapindus Mukorrosi, which they harvest out of the Himalaya, as an ingredient for their natural detergent.
  5. Last but not least, be aware of the thing you put in your washing machine! Try to buy clothes that won't shed plastic microfibres. But the next challenge will tell you more about this!



WIN WIN WIN! Seepje has allowed us to give away a Seepje Laundry and Washing package at the value of 60 euros. It's filled with laundry detergent, all purpose cleaner and more! Follow us on Instagram @dukostudent, like our Facebook page, and further instructions will follow on our social media accounts. Good luck!


See you next week & Lots of Love,

Yannick, Steven, Diede & Heleen