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Would you like to develop yourself within an organisation full of opportunities for growth?

16-01-2020 -

Would you like to build on your CV and at the same time make the world a little bit more green? We at DuKo got two vacancies!

We are looking for (around 6 hours per week):

App Developer: You think along about improving our app ánd work on this. You work on our app both front-end and back-end. You work proactively on debugging and maintenance, as well as on further developments within the app based on consultation with us.

Brand Manager: You take care of the DuKo brand by creating and designing brand expressions. You are responsible for the profile, image, design and functionality of the DuKo website and app (working together with the app developer), and you work closely together with the Strategic Marketeers to shape our communication activities.

What's in it for you?

If you apply for the core-team of DuKo many doors will open up for you. We are in contact with multiple progressive sustainable companies and organisations. This will be an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills, to get to know likeminded people and cooperate with your team. You will get the opportunity to develop yourself in an organisation which has a lot of growth potential. Furthermore DuKo will not only help you to incorporate sustainability in your own lifestyle, but you will also be an influencer in your direct environment and to the public.

Does this sound good to you?