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Biologische Boerenmarkt

Every Friday 10% discount at different market stalls! The discount is valid for all vegetarian products.

Sustainable because...

  • Freshly harvested organic products straight from the farm
  • All products are produced while taking into account the environment, animal welfare and social aspects
  • Dairy products come from cows, sheep and goats that have grazed in natural pastures and for which no preventive medicines like antibiotics were used


Each Friday, from 10 A.M to 6 P.M., multiple Dutch organic farmers and gardeners bring along fresh products to the Vredenburgplein in the centre of Utrecht. There they offer a wide variety of cheeses (from cows, sheep and goats), vegetables, fruit, bread and pastry. Each product is produced with care for quality and environment.

The following market stalls provide a 10% DuKo-discount!

Bakkerij Koekie

Bakkerij Koekie has had a stall at the Boerenmarkt for 20 years already. They offer sweet pastry, savory quiche, crackers and many bread types, all organic. Moreover, the crackers are packed in ‘Het Dorp’, a residential community for people with disabilities.


Thedinghsweert bakes the most delicious products in an artisanal and fair manner, e.g. wholemeal, lemaire, yeast and sourdough bread, apple pies, cakes, biscuits, croissants and bread with nuts and raisins. The organic wheat is grown on own land or originates from an organic miller. Besides this, people with disabilities or psychiatric problems are employed by Stichting Thedinghsweert.

De Raatakker

Each cultivated field has its own quality and each horticulturist has its own specialty. De Raatakker therefore cooperates with colleagues in the region to utilize each other’s qualities. This results in a unique and comprehensive assortment of spicy lettuce blends with mustard and arugula, seven kinds of beets in varying colours, beans, pumpkins and many mushrooms in winter. 

Spices and More - Een Pure Nootzaak

Een Pure Nootzaak offers a comprehensive assortment organic nuts, seeds, spices and a wide variety of teas: 100% plant-based, healthy and mainly package free, so bring your own!

Geitenboerderij de Groote Stroe

Magda Scholte and Harry van Wenum produce several types of organic goat cheese which go by the name of Stroese Dame. They inhabit a farm at the edge of the Veluwe and the Gelderse Vallei (two nature reserves) at which they take care of 85 dairy goats. The major part of the year the goats graze outside in clover meadows. Working with an artisanal recipe, they transform goat milk into pure goat cheeses!

Melkschapenbedrijf de Kooihoek

De Kooihoek possesses 13 hectares of grassland on which 100 Friesian cows graze according to the principles of ecological agriculture: clover meadows, fertilized with manure and free of pesticides. Sustainable energy and water measures are applied as well: warm water is supplied by a solar boiler and wastewater is purified by a reed sand filter. Better for human, animal and the environment.

Nijman Olijfolie

Nijman Olijfolie started in 2010 with the sale of biological extra virgin olive oil, produced by Enza and Matteo Gisone from the Sicily region. The oil is bio certificated! 

Authentic Frites

Authentic frites bakes fresh, biological fries from their authenthic bike! They are made from biological potatoes, baked in biological oil and served with vegan mayonaise.

De Moestuin

Now also available at the weekly Boerenmarkt!



Vredenburg 4, 3511BA Utrecht