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10% discount on your bill!

Sustainable because...

  • The menu is completely vegetarian
  • BROEI'S fruit and veg are from businesses that operate locally, seasonally and organically
  • BROEI serves Direct Trade coffee and tea, locally brewed beers and sustainable wines such as Piwi-wine, of which the grape variety doesn't require pesticide use


At BROEI at the Oosterkade, 24, you can enjoy great coffee, a nice lunch or a delicious dinner. You can work on your laptop, read a book from their bookcase, play some games or just chill while enjoying music of the BROEIlijst

The vegetables and fruits at BROEI come from the Lindenhoff, the Koningshof, the Moestuin (partner of DuKo) and Rechtstreex: four local businesses operating with respect for their produce and surroundings. Furthermore, at BROEI almost everything is home made: smoothies and juices, canned vegetables, fruits, chutneys and jams (which can be bought for at home as well). In their mini-bakery characteristic sourdough bread is baked. The coffee they serve comes from BOOT, a company employing Direct Trade principles. This company selects its coffee plantations and buys its beans directly from the farmer. In this way, BOOT pays prices that are 30% to 50% above regular market prices.

Teas are supplied by Simon Lévelt, a business providing fair trade, organic teas and employing social projects. The beers come from local beer breweries and most of the wines are organic or produced in other sustainable ways.

At BROEI arts and culture are also important: tey provide a wall of frame, an exhibition wall for young artists from Utrecht to exhibit and sell their work, and varying theme-nights, performances and lectures. Keep an eye on their agenda and Facebook for upcoming events! 

If you want to know more about this cool place, check out their website or just hop by!



Oosterkade 24, 3582 AV Utrecht