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Cute Cotton

10% discount! The discount is not valid on sale items and in combination with other discounts.

Sustainable because...

  • The average Dutch woman uses 11.000 (!) tampons and pantliners in her life. This causes a lot of waste! Cute Cotton offers safe, comfortable and sustainable alternatives to these disposables in her webshop, like the menstrual cup. 

  • The products of Cute Cotton are free of chemicals, in contrast to most brands for female products. Good for the environment, and for your body!

  • Next to that, Cute Cotton keeps her footprint small by offering European brands. The only exception to this are the washable pads from Ecofemme  because this is a humanitarian project. 


Nienke Tode-Gottenbos and Judith Houtenbos are the two women behind Cute Cotton. They work together with Noortje (customer service) and Amro (deliveries) on their mission to reach women and show them a sustainable, but also a healty solution for women’s monthly problems. You have the right to know all of your options! Nienke faced the Toxic Shock Syndrome, the ‘tampondisease’, when she was seventeen. This can be very dangerous but fortunately it ended well for her. Since then, she only uses menstrual cups, just like the other two ladies who describe it as a ‘incredible, hygenic and gentle solution’.

Next to the offering of products that are good for the environment and for you, the ladies of Cute Cotton try to answer as many questions as possible about washable sanitary napkins and mensturationcups. This is because sadly there are still many taboos about these subjects. For more information and for the webshop you can take a look at!