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Damn Good Soap Company

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Sustainable because...

  • The products only contain natural ingredients
  • Handmade in Utrecht!
  • Damn Good Soap makes use of sustainable palm oil


The Damn Good Soap Company is an artisanal zeepmakerij for men, started by Jasper van Impelen. Jasper, the “Soapmaster”, used to have a communication company, but switched to inventing and developing products since that is his passion. Damn Good Soap was started to counter the lack of masculinity in modern men, and to show that soap products can be produced sustainably. Indeed, conventional soap products contain multiple artificial ingredients and chemicals which have a negative environmental impact. 

Jasper produces small amounts of exclusive, natural soap products for men without excessive use of geurstoffen, kleurstoffen and chemicals. The Damn Good Soap Company offers universal soap, power soap, shaving cream, moustache wax and beard oil. All products are based on a number of vetten and oliën, for example a mix of essential oils. Besides that, the universal soap, power soap and shaving cream contain sustainable palm oil. The first two also contain activated carbon active coal and natural clay, while bees wax is used in the moustache wax. Lastly, the power soap differs from the universal soap as puimsteen is added. This is a volcanic rock able to clean even the dirtiest hands without addition of chemicals. 

By producing small amounts at a time, waste creation is avoided as much as possible and is made sure that the soap is always of the highest quality. Transport is also minimized as the soap is produced in locally in Utrecht.    

Damn Good Soap products are available through their webshop, a number of barbers and a drug store. For more information, go to