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Dapp Frietwinkel

Free upgrade to a large portion of fries on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays when you purchase a normal portion!

Sustainable because...

  • The Frietwinkel fries organic potatoes in organic sunflower oil into fresh, homemade fries! 
  • They also serve vegetarian snacks
  • All packaging is made of recycled materials


It all started with the Frietfiets (“Fries bicycle”), an authentic cargo bike used to sell fresh, organic fries at the Vredenburg in Utrecht. Soon this concept became a success, which drove entrepreneurs Roderick Heijning and Siem van Bruggen to expand: the very first organic Frietwinkel was opened at the Vinkenburgstraat in August 2014!

Seven days a week fresh fries are made of organic potatoes cut on the spot. Not only the fries, but even the sunflower oil, the snacks, the mayonnaise and the salt are organic! Here you can enjoy a responsible portion of fries and a delicious goat cheese croquette. 

So, where do the potatoes come from? The potatoes come from farmer Carel Bouma in Biddinghuizen (a place near Lelystad). He is a member of Bioselect, which is a group of Dutch growers producing high quality potatoes under organic conditions. But what about the salt? How can that be made organically? Well, as follows: the salt at the Frietwinkel is certified by Nature & Product. This certification organisation applies very strict requirements for harvesting and treating salt. Salt is harvested by hand in a protected area, free of pollution. Salt marshes need to be located at least 500 meters of roads and no risks of industrial pollution exist.

Yet more proof exists that the Frietwinkel is not an ordinary snackbar: they participated in the AD-Friettest at the 24th of April 2015 and were rewarded with an A+ score; this made them the best fries store in the Netherlands! “Frietwinkel provides delicious crusty fries with a high flavor content. Fried golden colored, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The skin gives the fries an artisanal character”, said dr. ir. Bob Cramwinckel, general manager of the Centrum voor Smaakonderzoek (the Centre of Flavor research).

If you want to know more, take a look at their website, Facebook, or hop by for some delicious fries!



Vinkenburgstraat 10, 3512AB Utrecht