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Erica Kruiderijen

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Sustainable because...

  • Erica’s cosmetics are made with natural ingredients
  • The production processes are environmentally friendly
  • The products are skin friendly, aimed at pH-neutrality and developed without animal testing! 


The founder of Erica Kruiderijen, Dick van Wijck, is an expert in developing health products, in which he makes use of natural principles. This can be seen in the production process. Erica Kruiderijen makes use of artisanal mixing and production processes, since many natural ingredients cannot be processed with more modern techniques.

Next to that, Erica Kruiderijen applies strict requirements to products bought from other producers. In that way upstream activities are influenced as well. The health products are environmentally friendly packaged, also in the stores. For more information, take a look at their website:! 



Hoog Catharijne, Gildenkwartier 31, 3511 DB Utrecht