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Sustainable because...

  • GreenStory products are assigned to several categories, e.g. ‘biodegradable’, ‘CO2-neutral’ and ‘fair trade’
  • Not only the product itself but the whole life cycle is taken into account: raw materials, production processes and waste products
  • Their packaging materials are made of recycled paper, even the shipping label with your address on it.


The idea of GreenStory started with the search for sustainable school supplies with the aim of making a conscious purchasing decision of a product you use every day. Greenstory's bestseller is the customisable whiteboard notebook GreenBook together with it's non-permanent refillable fineliners. They have also launched handy erasable planning pages such as to-do lists and weekly planners which you can click into GreenBook. If you refill the fineliners they will last for years just as GreenBook will if you take good care of it. Curious? Check out their videos at


Next to making the company itself as sustainable as possible, Greenstory also tells you the story of a product so that the decision is up to you. But Greenstory is not just there for you to write a green story. Also to write your own story. The team wants to make a difference in your everyday life with handy products to get creative and plan your dreams.