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10% introduction discount (one-time) when you order a bag for 4 weeks! You can pick up your bag on Monday evening at Parnassos (in the center). Show the voucher in the app the first time you pick up your bag.

Sustainable because...

  • A short supply chain, local products and a fair price for farmers
  • No packaging
  • A healthy dose of organic vegetables and fruits 


The Groentetas is a project run by students since 1994. The Groentetas (= 'vegetable bag') is a non-profit students initiative through students can order vegetables and fruit weekly. Groentetas' mission is to provide students with healthier food, based on the pillars of affordability, sustainability, a fair price and simplicity. The bag is affordable and fair as the students work completely voluntarily (6 euros per bag) and the complete sum ends up at the farmer. The contents of the bag varies according to the season and the vegetables and fruits are produced mostly locally. It is a simple concept to students, since you don't have to think about what to eat. The only thing you need to do is collect the bag, while the recipes are sent to you by e-mail. Since you can order per week you are not tied to anything!

Drop by their stand at Parnassos (Kruisstraat 201, in the center) on Monday evenings to order, or order online!



Heidelberglaan 8, 3584 CS Utrecht