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IJs & Zopie

2nd ice cream scoop for free!

Sustainable because...

  • The ice cream is made with 100% organic Dutch milk.
  • Chocolate ice cream and chocolate bars are made of Fair Trade cacao
  • IJs & Zopie have developed an energy neutral ice cream float by which the sun cools your ice cream!


IJs & Zopie is an ice cream parlor in the centre of Utrecht (Twijnstraat) run by students of the rowing club ORCA. This ice cream parlor is not an ordinary one. To start with, the ice cream is made of organic Dutch milk while the choosing one of the chocolate varieties ensures you are enjoying a Fair Trade cacao ice cream! The fruit flavoured ice cream also come from sustainable sources, such as Max Havelaar bananas and Oké oranges. IJs & Zopie is committed to producing all ice creams with organic and/or Fair Trade fruits. 

Besides ice cream you can also drop by for a cup of coffee, milkshakes and cakes. They are even opened during winter time, to serve you crepes for example. IJs & Zopie sells Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars in many sizes, even a bar of 1000 grams! 

The sale of these sustainable food products gives IJs & Zopie the opportunity to invest. Half of the profits go to the rowing club itself, but has also been used to develop an energy neutral ice cream float. This float is made energy neutral by implementing solar cells on the shed. Several years ago this float one two prestigious awards, the Syntens innovation of the week and the P+ ijspretprijs.

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Twijnstraat 79, 3511 ZJ Utrecht