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Instock Utrecht

10% discount on lunch and dinner! Valid on the vegetarian food assortment, not valid for drinks.

Sustainable because...

  • Prepares meals from unsold products which are left behind because of beauty errors or if there is a surplus of product.
  • Encourages people to 'save' food at home with their cookbook Instock Cooking, masterclasses and online tips and tricks.
  • they have put Pieper Bier and Bammetjes Bier on the market, which is beer made of saved potatoes and bread.


Instock is a nice, cozy and hip restaurant which draws attention to food waste. They pick up unsold products from local Albert Heijn grocery stores and other producers. With these products they are able to create meals for their guests. In this way, they go against food waste in a creative way.

The chefs work with a fixed menu, which changes every three months. This gives you a reason to visit them another time again! Whether this will be for lunch or for a nice extended diner. Do you only have a small appetite? You can also go to Instock for a drink or a good cup of coffee with something sweet of the day. So, stop by for something delicious, to study, organize your party in the stockroom or take a masterclass about Instock cooking.  



Vleutenseweg 382, 3532 HW Utrecht