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10% discount on store items and print jobs. The discount is not valid on sale items, gift cards and in combination with other discounts.

Sustainable because...

  • Fashionable clothing made of Fair Trade textile, organic cotton, bamboo, tencel and eucalyptus
  • The Katoenfabriek makes use of environmentally friendly printing techniques
  • The store itself is environmentally friendly with, for example, LED tubes 


The Katoenfabriek (‘Cotton Factory’) is the place to be for sustainable printing and sustainable clothing. This innovative company only uses environmentally friendly printing techniques, such as the water-based silk screen and PVC-free vinyl printing. The printing is applied to their own collection of high quality textiles made of Fair Trade materials, organic cotton and bamboo. You can also print your own design and buttons, banners (like the one DuKo has!) and stickers.

Kasper van Middelkoop and Yvette van den Bergh are the proud owners of this shop and workshop located at the Oudegracht. The idea for a sustainable apparel printing company developed during the time Kasper worked in a textile printing company where profit was most important. Each and every activity in that printing company was aimed at keeping the process cheap, which made him think if there was no other way. Along with the fact that Kasper printed shirts on his own balcony since 2005 (and more and more people asked him to do so), resulted in founding the Katoenfabriek.

Do you want to know more about this awesome company? Visit their website and Facebook!



Oudegracht 382, 3511PR Utrecht