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Miss Green

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Sustainable because...

  • Miss Green is the only fashion brand in the Netherlands that is fully GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, this implies that the entire production process is environmentally sustainable.
  • Everything is made under excellent working conditions
  • The garments are besides eco-friendly also very classy, comfortable and of high quality. 


Loving life, making beautiful clothes, and being good for the earth, go hand in hand together. This mindset motivated Maaike Groen (what’s in the name) to launch her own fashion brand named Miss Green, in 2008. Her mission – to make sustainable clothing, that is comfortable, hip and of high quality – turned out to be both a possiblity and a success. For instance, Miss Green is the only Dutch GOTS-certified fashion brand. 

The Global Organic Textile Standard is one of the strictest types of certification for clothing. The entire productionproces, from the cultivation of fibers, the processing into yarn and fabric, making the final product, dyeing, packaging, and transporting, have to be done in a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and organic way. Additionally, great attention is given to ensuring good working conditions, something which is often absent in conventional fashion brands. Finally, the use of chemicals and water(pollution) is also handled with great care.

80% of the clothing is produced in Turkey, the rest in Sri Lanka. The materials are from Turkey and Sri Lanka. The fabrics that are used consists of mainly organic cotton, organic wool, and Tencel (origin: Eucalyptus tree), but also partly of MicroModal (origin: Beechwood) and bamboo. 

Even though, Miss Green already produce according to the highest ecological standard, she also takes care of the CO2 emissions and the waste being produced by her business. To ensure the highest standards in the broadest sense, the brand keeps on learning and evolving accordingly.

By purchasing your clothing at Miss Green, you can be certain of wearing clothes that were produced under the best standards, while still looking fashionable and feeling comfortable. Affordable clothing without animal harm, human suffering or environmental damage; what more could you want?

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