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Mud Jeans

€10 discount on the collection or €7.50 discount on the lease-a-jeans sign up fee at The discount is not valid on sale items and in combination with other discounts.

Sustainable because...

  • All clothing is made out of organic cotton or recycled material. All jeans contain 30% recycled material!
  • Free of child labour and at a fair price
  • Get acquainted with Lease a Jeans by paying a monthly fee and receive the repair service for free!


In 2008 the Dutch fashion label Mud Jeans was founded with the vision to make the world a better place. The clothing of Mud Jeans is produced solely in cooperation with suppliers, factories and entrepreneurs that produce in a sustainable way, where a fair price has been paid for products and services and the clothing is produced without child labor. Mud Jeans also has a collaboration with Soil and More to reduce CO2-missions. 

These ideals are quite different from conventional cotton production that has a major environment impact and unethical working conditions. Almost 25% of used pesticides and insecticides worldwide are meant for the cotton industry, while cotton production only occupies 3% of all cultivated land. These chemicals poison humans, animals, plants, soil and air. Because Mud Jeans cultivates organic cotton drinking water is free of toxic substances and local ecosystems are spared. 

Mud Jeans also uses recycled organic cotton. A new pair of jeans consist of 30% recycled organic cotton and 70% new organic cotton. This is even more sustainable, because the use of energy for collecting, sorting and selling secondhand clothing is 10 to 20 times less than for producing new clothing.

There is more! A good jeans is hard to find. Mud Jeans therefore offers a Home Try service. This means you get sent three jeans sent home which you can try on. After you pay for one pair of jeans and you send the other two back in the return box. 

Lease a Jeans

Mud Jeans dreams of a world without waste. In the Netherlands 135 million kilos of clothing is being burned every year. What waste!: all these resources could be reused. That is why Mud Jeans created the circular concept, Lease A Jeans. The essence of this concept is that consumers use the jeans, but Mud Jeans stays owner of the pair of jeans. This gives Mud Jeans the possibility to reuse materials, which is cheaper and has a smaller impact on the environment. 

The benefits for leasers?

1. Repair Service: every tare will be repaired for free!

2. Monthly fee: a nice pair of jeans for €7,50 a month.

3. Switch: after a year you can choose a new pair of jeans, guilt-free, as the old one will be reused. 

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