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Sustainable because...

  • All fashion brands are fair trade and use sustainable materials
  • Many brands make use of organic cotton, which results in significant reductions in environmental impact
  • Nukuhiva offers these brands the opportunity to present themselves to the larger public and with the use of DuKo they become affordable for students as well!


Nukuhiva was founded by Floortje Dessing, a Dutch television presenter. The store is named after the small island of Nuku Hiva, part of the Marquesas archipelago in between Australia and South America, which is one of the most beautiful places on Earth according to Floortje. Many of the brands that can be found at Nukuhiva produce their clothing with organic cotton, which means that no artificial fertilizer and chemical pesticides are used. They also have brands that use recycled material, i.e. second-hand clothing or plastic bottles. 

A many seen brand is Knowledge Cotton Apparel. This brand has chosen to produce with organic cotton only, since traditional cotton production is one of the most water and toxic chemicals intensive types of agriculture. Indeed, the production of one regular T-shirt with traditional cotton consumes 165 grams of chemicals. Another benefit of organic cotton production is that it often is accompanied by Fair Trade principles. It also diminishes the health risks for farmers and consumers, since the clothing is free of toxic traces.

Another famous brand is Kuyichi, one of the first labels to use organic cotton. Kuyichi also uses tencel, recycled cotton fibres, recycled plastic bottles and more! Most of the colouring substances have a natural basis as well.

Nukuhiva also offers Dutch brands like Miss Green, A-dam Underwear and accessoires like Mizu water bottles and jewelry from A Beautiful Story.

The store in Utrecht can be found at  Zadelstraat 36. For more information, check out



Zadelstraat 36, 3511 LV Utrecht