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On The Rocks

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Sustainable because...

  • On the Rocks produces notebooks made from rock waste and partly recycled plastic
  • Their Rockbooks are cradle-to-cradle certified, because the entire production process is circular and the stone paper can be reused indefinitely
  • No water is needed for the production of stone paper, and the material itself is completely waterproof


It all started with a family from Taiwan, who experienced first-hand how polluting the paper industry is. After 20 years of developing, they invented stonepaper. Anne Pleun, founder of On the Rocks learnt about this initiative because of the book “10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs” from Gunter Pauli, and wondered why such an alternative had not already spread around the world. So she decided to do so herself. 

Through crowdfunding she founded On the Rocks and became the first Dutch company to produce fully recyclable notebooks, made from two wastes: calcium gravel and partly recycled plastic. In contrast to paper production (which needs 20 metric tons of water for 1 ton of paper) no water or chemicals are needed to produce rockpaper, thus the entire process is completely clean.

The rock dust in stone paper, made up of calcium carbonate, causes the paper to never lose its quaility. This fully recyclable characteristic of stone paper has earned it a cradle-to-cradle silver certification. After their final use you can dispose the Rock Book pages (excluding the cardboard cover) in the plastic waste stream for recycling!

Apart from the Rock Books being sustainable, they are also very stylish and pleasant to write on: rockpaper is softer than normal paper, needs less ink for printing, and stains are less likely to occur while writing. 

Finally, On the Rocks is a B Corp, meaning that they care for the needs of nature, human, society, and culture. For example, 5% of their profit goes to reforestation projects in South-Africa to not only protect nature, but also enhance it.