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Sustainable because...

  • The Purpuz Planner is produced CO2 neutrally in the Netherlands
  • Printed on FSC-paper
  • De-stress easily


We are becoming ever more occupied in an increasingly hasty society. Clen Verkleij experienced this recently. He graduated as organisation sociologist and started a successful corporate career at Wolters Kluwer. Thought to have found his dream job he ended up in a burn-out. Students also suffer from the pressure of modern society. You study, maintain a busy social life, work out and have secondary activities to pimp up your CV. How do you combine all this?

Meet the Purpuz Planner; a tool developed by Clen to deal with his burn-out. The planner is the product of the tools taught to him by his life coach. With this agenda you can organize your life in balance whilst still being able to achieve your goals. It’s the spot for your appointments, notes, to do lists and for keeping track of your happy moments. The planner provides you with a weakly and daily focus and gives space to reflect on what you are doing and having done. The result is a clear roadmap to plan your student life!

Shortly after launching the Purpuz Planner, it became the number one sold agenda at and has helped thousands of people to get a grip on their busy lives. The planner does not, however, only contribute to happiness (and thus to social sustainability); it’s a sustainability produced agenda as well! Most agendas are produced in China with a lack of supervision of working conditions, whilst the Purpuz planner is produced CO2-neutral in Amersfoort at Wilco B.V. and printed on FSC-paper.