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Sustainable because...

  • Seepje is a 100% natural detergent made of the peelings of the Sapindus mukorossi-fruit
  • By buying Seepje you invest in nature conservation and support for the local population in Nepal
  • The peelings can just be thrown in the compost bin after use!


March 2013: Jasper Gabriëlse and Melvin Loggies, two young entrepreneurs from The Hague, decided to ship fruit peelings of the Nepalese Sapindus tree to the Netherlands in order to launch a sustainable detergent. The first 500 kilograms of peelings were ordered and, after arriving in the port of Rotterdam, were picked up by a camper and stored in their waardoorstudent rooms. Their mission: developing a well-functioning, natural and fair detergent which would benefit all involved people and nature. The name of this product is Seepje (= ‘little soap’).

Currently they offer two types of Seepje: Seepje peelings and Seepje liquid. Seepje peelings come along with a cotton bag, which can be filled with 4 full or 8 half peelings with which you can do the laundry three times. The cotton bag can simply be put with the laundry in the washing machine. If the peelings hit water they release a natural type of detergent. This is called saponine, which at the same time functions as a fabric softener making the laundry clean and soft. After using the same peelings three times, you can dispose of them in the compost bin since it is a natural product (or in your garden)! When buying Seepje ‘Ochtend-in-het-bos geur’ (= ‘Morning-in-the-forest scent’) and Seepje ‘Zomerse vakantie geur’ (= ‘Summer holidays scent’), you also get a small bottle of organic essential oil to give the laundry a pleasant smell.

Since Melvin and Jasper noticed that there was a big demand for liquid detergent, they launched Seepje liquid! This consists for 70% of the peelings extract, and is complemented by other natural substances such as saponified sunflower oil and citric acid. Its package consists of two parts, a plastic inside and a cardboard casing. With this you save 70% plastic compared to a plastic bottle and you can recycle the packaging as well!

After running the laundry many times, Seepje is becoming a success: the founders were part of the Duurzame Jonge 100 (= ‘the Sustainable Young 100’) and they started an inspiring fundraising campaign for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. Wanna know more and order? Take a look at