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SLA Breakfast Bar

10% discount on the vegetarian fresh assortment (breakfast, salads, soups, juices & smoothies)!

Sustainable because...

  • Grain and dairy products always have organic origins, vegetables and fruits for a minimum of 90%. The beer they serve is locally brewed, wine and tea are organic, the coffee is organic and direct trade.
  • The menu changes throughout the year, according to the seasons. This means crops don’t have to be imported from warmer countries!  
  • SLA offers a lot of vegetarian and vegan dishes!


You can go to the SLA Breakfast Bar for a tasty warm or cold breakfast, from 7:30AM until 11 AM. It is the perfect place to enjoy your overnight oats, berry smoothiebowl, cinnamon porridge and more!

After 11AM this SLA turns into your good old Salad Bar. Here you can assemble your own salad, warm up with a bowl of soup, or get some energy with a smoothie. Every choice is good, because SLA gives you pure and tasty ingredients while taking nature into account. 

Next to that, you can also enjoy your SLA meal at home: SLA also has a to go option. That's a healthy version of fast food! And you don't have to worry, the packaging is sustainable. The SLAbowls are made from a pulp which contains wood fiber or paper, the cover is made from rPET (recycled PET) and leftovers from plasticproduction.  

Curious about our first visit to this Breakfast Bar? You can read all about it in Natascha's blog :)



Esplanade 45, 3511 WK, Utrecht