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SLA Voorstraat

10% discount on the fresh vegetarian assortment (salads, soups, juices & smoothies)!

Sustainable because...

  • SLA takes the earth into consideration through: the grain and dairy products always have organic origins, vegetables and fruits for a minimum of 90%. The beer they serve is locally brewed, wine and tea are organic, the coffee is organic and comes from direct trade.
  • The menu changes throughout the year, according to the seasons. This means crops don’t have to be imported from warmer countries!  
  • SLA offers a lot of vegetarian dishes and even “meat” from De Vegetarische Slager!


You can visit SLA for a big meal or a small snack and for everything in between: you can assemble your own salad, choose a soup or have a quick smoothie. Every choice is a good choice, because SLA makes sure to use pure and tasty ingredients and takes nature into account.

A wide variety from kale and avocado to sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds: you can choose what goes with your salad. They even serve sustainable chicken and beef: these come from De Vegetarische Slager (= ‘The Vegetarian Butcher’)! And if you don’t know what to choose, you can pick one of SLA’s favorites, or get some inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest.

If you feel like something sweet, but you don’t want a sugar rush, you can visit SLA for an organic cup of thee or coffee and a slice of pie. The pies are always vegan and free from refined sugars. And your vitamins you can order through one of the juices. 

Because the salads are also for to go, you can eat your meal at home in front of the television.  A different experience than your regular take away! The packaging is sustainable as well, because the bowl of SLA is made of pulp, a mixture of paper and woodchips, the lid is made of Rpet (recycled plastic) and residual materials from plastic production.

If you want to know more about SLA, check their site, FB or just walk in!



Voorstraat 52, 3512 AR Utrecht