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Sustainable because...

  • VVM has an active role in stimulating the knowledge exchange and debate about environmental and sustainability related subjects.
  • They bring knowledge and information from different viewpoints, to improve the public debate about environmental issues and the quality of political decisionmaking. 
  • They give you the opportunity to start networking with both starters and seniors in the environmental and sustainability profession.


The VVM, the knowledge and relationship network for environmental professionals, is committed to both upcoming talent and experienced professionals within the environmental and sustainability profession. As a student member of the VVM, you receive the VVM Magazine Milieu and have free access to a variety of environmental and sustainability activities, such as excursions, congresses, themed events, VVM Cafes and network drinks (exluding courses and diners). A fun way to expand your network and to broaden your knowledge in the field of the environment!

A number of examples of activities organized by the VVM are: the network drinks for young professionals, VVM Cafés on topics like: food shortage and future, a symposium on the Future Green City, a congress on farmer and the environment and an excursion to the IJseldelta.