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Winter Holidays Shopping Tour 12 december!

05-12-2019 -

The holiday season has started again! Can you feel the cozy sparkling vibe in the air already? Like every year, we organize the DuKo shopping tour. Exciting!! :) Read more below.

Who doesn't like the holiday season? Little lights, spending time with family, giving presents (and receiving them ;))... But we also have to realize that all these presents have a big impact on the environment. Well - depending on what you buy and where you buy them! We from DuKo think it is important to give useful gifts, made with respect for the environment.

That's why thursday the 12th of December in the afternoon (15:30h), we will take you on a cozy walk through Utrecht. We will go by four different stores where you get DuKo discount, that have really nice presents to give to your family and friends! Some of the stores even might have an extra special offer exclusively for the people on the tour ;). This way, you'll have the opportunity to buy super nice, responsible gifts for a discounted rate. Perfect, right? Plus, it's gonna be super gezellig! 

Are you joining us? Send us a pm on instagram or send an email to Hope to see you the 12th! We will gather at the Vredenburgplein at the tree! :D